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Property Assessment Search

Assessor Hours
Wednesday 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM*

Please call to ensure the Assessor is available on the day you are planning to visit.

*We will be closed on Aug 31, Sep 3, Nov 22-23, Dec 21-25 and Dec 27-Jan 1, 2019.

Property Assessment Search Options

NEW! You may now view your assessment online using the BS&A Online service. This process is fast, secure and convenient!  

Here's how:

1. First, visit the BS&A Online Portal by clicking the button below.  *This link will take you to the BS&A Online website.

2. At the top-left corner of the BS&A website, click 'SEARCH' and pick 'Assessing'.  Then enter your information to retrieve your records.


As always, you may mail in your property assessment questions to the Township.  Please send correspondence to:

Croton Township Assessor

5833 E Division Street

Newaygo, MI 49337

In Person

You may also discuss your property assessment in person Wednesdays from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM.  Please call beforehand to ensure the Assessor is available on the day you are planning to visit.


Our address is:

Croton Township

5833 E Division Street

Newaygo, MI 49337

State of Michigan PRE Audits


If you receive a notice from the State of Michigan on your PRE (Homestead) exemption, please contact them directly with the required info as soon as possible. Time if of the essence. If you do not respond to them, the State will automatically rescind your PRE and you could be billed back to 2014 for the amounts. The Township cannot help you with these audits except for providing you with copies of any paperwork you may have filed for the exemption. Please contact the Assessor for copies. The State has chosen Newaygo County to audit and these audits are ongoing. If you claim a PRE exemption and your tax bill mailing address does not match the property address, this is an automatic red flag for an audit. accepting Summer 

Property Assessment Questions
Questions about property assessments, hardship exemptions, PRE exemptions, or veteran’s exemptions must be directed to the Assessor's office.  Please call the Assessor Jackie Thompson at 231-652-4301 during Township office hours on Wednesdays from 9am – 12 pm or at 231-245-1410 during non-office hours.

For Township Zoning, Cemetery, Transfer Station and all Township question except taxes, please call the main line at 231-652-4301.

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